Saturday, May 18, 2013

How I get/ read books

Oh and I said I wasn't going to post a lot, but this is post 2 of 3 for Day 1. 

I think one thing that's kind of a book keeping thing is how I read and how I get books. 5 years ago there would have been 2 options, I owned/purchased the book or I borrowed it from the library or a friend. 

Now it's not that simple. 

5 Ways I Get Books

1. I read them directly on my Kindle. 
This is a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 that I got as a Mother's Day Present. 
I love it. It goes everywhere with me. 
It has books, music, movies, games, apps, everything. 
It's a little big. 
It's my 3rd Kindle. 
I have owned an original Kindle (2010) and I got a Fire Christmas of 2012. 
I just wanted a bigger screen. 
This came in handy today when the power went out and my daughter wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I had Mickey and Donald Have a Farm Downloaded for easy access. 
This is my main source of getting books. 
I get the question a lot : "Don't you miss the feel of a book of having an actual book to hold onto?"
My Answer is Yes! I miss growing my library but I have several issues. 
The first is that I am impatient. I want my books and I want them NOW! 
Waiting on my local bookstore to order what I want or waiting on a book to arrive via USPS, UPS, or FedEx or waiting till I can drive 30+ miles (which is problem #2 Living in a Rural Area) to the nearest chain store is agonizing. So I get my books in digital form in under a minute. I love it. 

That brings me to the second way I get my books....

2. Kindle App for iPhone
I use this when I forgot to charge my Kindle or didn't bring it in with me. 

3. Kindle Cloud Reader

Mainly this is for if I'm reading something at work. 

4. Overdrive

This is an app that I just found that works with my Kindle, iPhone, computer or any other electronic device and it is awesome!
You need a library card to use it but it lets  you check out books for up to 21 days. It's not every book, but there are a lot of them. 

5. Physical Copies

This copy of The Raven Boys is couretousy  of the Fayetteville Lincoln County Public Library. 
The selection is limited but I've found some gems in there. 
And of course I own a lot of books myself. And I borrow and purchase my own as well. 

So there you have it. 

In a later post I will talk about why I chose Kindle and Amazon, but really anyways you can or want to read is wonderful. 

See ya space cowboy.