Friday, June 7, 2013


So since I have OCD I can't read one book in a series (if it's a series that I like) and not read the rest of them. Well except for Game of Thrones but that's a different matter entirely.
So, I decided to read the sequel to Lament of course.
Let me say this, I don't want to sound redundant. I also saw this  I don't want to sound like I love every book I read.
I do like this book, don't get me wrong but I do have a few questions...


What happened to Luke? If Luke wasn't really there where is he?

What happened between Sullivan and Eleanor prior to this book? 

Is there going to be a third  book? I want to say that I doubt it. 

Those are just some questions I had, in general though, these books are a little repetitive. 
What I mean by this is that her characters here are very similar to Sam, Grace and Isabel from the Wolves of Mercy Falls. 
Nulah is very like Isabel, mean, bitchy, seductive, and in the end in love. 
Grace is very like Dee and Luke would be like Sam, and so forth and so on. 

That is a little annoying to me, but nothing that by any means would keep me from reading anything else that Stiefvater writes. 

Just a heads up. I am going to be putting out a blog about The Selection and about what I think should happen in The One. 

Over and Out