Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A New Chapter

So this is very strange but I stopped reading a book... can you believe it?
Well those of you who have tried to get me to read 50 Shades probably can, but no that is not something that normally happens.
I got about 20% through and just stopped. I had enough of the crappy writing, the flat average characters, the fact that I could really tell that the writer used to write a different genre, I just quit. I couldn't keep reading that crap.
This is seriously a big deal for me. I don't typically dislike books with this kind of passion, ok... maybe I am overstating things a little bit, but I really was not impressed at all. Wow that is redundant, but seriously.

Long story short, I started reading the most recent Game of Thrones book, A Dance With Dragons. Very interesting so far. I know I won't get bored to tears in this one, I may even have a hard time keeping up.

On another note, I am trying to read 52 Books this year. Yup for read... I mean for real.

So far I have read

  1. A Dance With Dragons
  2. Ballad
  3. The Raven Boys
  4. Lament
  5. The Elite
  6. The Prince
  7. The First
  8. Dead Reckoning
So... 8. We are on week 25... I need to read 44 more books in 27 Weeks. That is roughly 2 books a week.

Right now I have 3 books in my Kindle Library waiting on me.

So I need to pick up the pace!

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