Friday, September 27, 2013

What's been on my mind

Yeah I am a giant nerd.
Here is the reason
I have listened to all 7 Harry Potter Books in the last few weeks.
The voice inside my head is screaming "NERD"!
But anywho, I have been listening to them and ....
I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to No Good - Harry Potter Printable Art Quote - Custom Colors Available
The thing is that when they came out I was forbidden from reading them. They were demonic, evil. I must be learning witchcraft from them.
Seriously.... As much as I would have been happy to disapperate out of certain situations I got myself into, I do understand that it's fiction.
Oh but isn't fiction amazing??!!? It is such a passion for me. It's an escape into another world, where magical things can happen.
But beyond that, I learned things from fiction. I learned things from those Gryffindors Brave and True, Helpful and Hardworking Hufflepuffs, Wise Ravenclaws, and, gasp, even the Sly and Ambitious Slytherins.
For all the people who say her books are "blasphemous" and teach children witchcraft...
Of course I also learned not to laugh while partaking in a duel.
But going back to what I was saying earlier, I listened to these books... on my iPhone via Overdrive Media. And it has been heaven. I am in my car for no less than 2 hours everyday and being able to listen to books is super nice. Amazon even has a new feature called "WhisperSync" where you can stop reading a book and begin listening where you left off and vice-versa- quite frankly that is AWESOME. I haven't gotten a chance to try it out but it's very cool.
I have been reading some though too.
As I mentioned on my Facebook page, I read Wicked.
I also got about 20% through Howl's Moving Castle.
Howl's Moving Castle
I was getting into it, trying to see where they were going with it. It is one of my favorite Miyazaki Films. In fact... I think it is my favorite.
Miyazaki- Howl's Moving Castle
In the film the Wizard Howl, voiced by the dreamy Christian Bale, had made a bargain with the fire demon Calcifer, voiced by the marvelous Billy Crystal. Sophie, cursed by the wicked witch of the waste, comes along making a deal with Calcifer- if she will help him get free of his curse he will help her. It's a fabulous tale of bravery and love.
Howl’s Moving Castle
Getting back to the book, they had differed off the path a bit and I was anxious to see where they were going and my loan ran out :/
I shall have to re-check it out.
So I started on my next book, which I am excited to announce is....... The Raven Boys 2: Dream of Thieves. 
I reviewed the first one in one of my first post and I am excited to fall back into their world and see where they lead.
That's all I have for now

Mischief Managed
Mischief Managed

Who has been enjoying the new fall lineups that have been premiering this week! Loved The Crazy Ones, Micheal J. Fox Show (Speaking of Nerds), and Parenthood... I'm interested to see Dracula and Once Upon a Time!
What's your favorite fall show in the new line up?