Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fell off the face of the Earth

Sorry for falling off the face of the earth for the last several months. I got a new job :) and I get to work from home a lot, which is nice. And you would think I would have more time right? Well I don't, in fact, often I think I have less time. Of course frequent trips into the middle of Alabama don't exactly help me have more time.
There is something about a two hour drive that does give me the opportunity to listen. I get to listen to a lot of music, hence the resurgence of my love for Third Eye Blind and Audiobooks.
On long car rides by myself, auidobooks are my saving grace. The best thing about it is that do to my favorite app, Overdrive, I can rent these books for free!
But I am genuinely making an effort to write more and, well, here we are. :)
So I must be going through a morose stage right now because I have been reading about death. wtf right?
I read If I Stay, by Gayle Foreman

So it started off OK. Your typical YA novel. And well it stayed (pardon the pun) that way.
It's not that I didn't like the book, but I just feel like her parents were a little too perfect, it's not that they didn't have their flaws and maybe a lot of that is masked by the circumstances (i.e. her reminiscing, remembering them from these certain places) but if I could pick parents, even if I could pick parents out of any YA novel, these would be the ones I would pick. Again, a little too perfect, her whole life is a little too perfect, even though it's not written that way, and maybe that is the point. Maybe because of  the circumstances she's supposed  to be that perfect.
All that being said, it wasn't may favorite, or really anywhere near to being a favorite at all. It was mediocre. I kept turning the pages to see what happened but I didn't become connected to the girl, who I cannot remember her name or her boyfriend or her friend (Kim I think)?
Maybe the movie will be better?