Thursday, January 29, 2015

Deliver Me ... From this book

Spoiler Alert.... I did not like this book.
And I hate that. I hate tearing up a writer that just started because it's hard to do, All I can think is like "well shit could I be better than that?" But criticism drives us and hopefully makes us better. I mean she's published, so someone somewhere likes it right?
And it's not that I didn't like the story, I just didn't love it. 

Do we have to love everything we read? 

Well no, it maybe one of those things like without the bad how do you appreciate what's good? Still. There's only been one  book that I've read that I've just said this is terrible and closed it, And thus I powered through this nightmare.
I will say, when choosing books to read,  I don't set myself up for failure too much. I put my books through rigorous testing to see if I will like them  before I start reading. Usually that consist of me reading a few pages (of a hard copy) or a sample (of an ebook).- on a side note my auto correct just attempted to get me to correct ebook with evil. 

Deliver Me is the story young girl, Wynne, growing up in "the union", a very controlled society where the government (which seems to be entirely men) picks whether women are going to have children or go into the work force. Men and women are very separated, people who are different are shunned.
 The story opens up with a ceremony, which is basically the whole model for everything else that happens in the book. (Can you say The Selection, Hunger Games, Divergent, etc; etc?) Wynne has dreamed her whole life of getting the "honor" of becoming a Carrier (basically a human reproduction factory). She isn't chosen and her best friend Odessa is.
Let me just say that Wynne, which I think is the worst name for this character. Its (I'm sorry if your name is Wynne, I'm sure you are great.
The premise of the story is that Wynne has grown up being told that the be all end all in the union is being chosen to be a carrier (of babies). We find out that Wynne is not chosen to be a carrier because she is a freethinker.
Anyways Wynne gets assigned to be a helper in the delivery unit. (See where they were going with this?) While helping deliver babies she learns that the doctors, who have physical limitations and must therefore live separate from everyone else, are assholes. And the Carriers think that they are better than everyone else and are basically assholes.
We are also introduced to a character who was transitioned into the  Union from the outside. Basically she went through mental reconditioning (Hijacking?) to forget some of her old life. Anyways, eventually Wynne gets paired with her old BFF in the hospital and she's a total witch. But Wynne's all like "oh we're still friends" whine, whine, whine. I mean seriously? The story until this point has been seriously lacking, very short story. It's like Kate Birch just said "Threes no way anyone will care about anything so I will just give them the bare minimum to get through the story so I can hurry up and be done.
I don't really want to say too much more about the story in case you want to read it, but here are my problems.
1.We don't get any information on the background of the Union, how did it come to be, where did these rules come from? It's almost like The Giver in this way but super underdeveloped. We don't know why or how things ended up the way they are? Is it some sort of post apocalyptic society? And the story moves so fast, it's just like oh she's working at the baby delivery unit and now she's a servant, and surely her crime is way more serious than spending a few days in jail? And then why is the prison so full? And what about the other prisoners other than the one boy Hollis?
2. It feels so overdone, I alluded to it but its very Hunger Games/Divergent/The Selection. There's a ceremony, the main character is involved in that, something goes wrong, their family/friends are involved, blah, blah, blah.
3. It's just kind of a short story disguised as a novel. I was about 75% done with the book in a few hours. I clip along at a fairly fast pace, but that's quick even for me. It looks like Kate Birch published another novel last year, Perfected. And actually this book got better reviews on Amazon? I don't know. Everyone on Amazon was like great book, start of an exciting new series and I disagree. I mean maybe if it's a new series and there is further development... A lot further.
 So, that's it  I mean pretty literally. It has a happy kind of heartfelt ending where it could be open for a sequel or prequel. If your not concerned with character development and want a quick fun read then this would be a good read. It's not awful writing in general, it's just.... underdeveloped. 

So I had an idea, a stolen idea. My new favorite podcast (my only favorite podcast) Gilmore Guys, rates every episode of Gilmore Girls with a rating based on an item from the show. i.e. If the show has ketchup bottles they might rate it 4 out of 5 ketchup bottles. I am giving this 2 out of 5 hand drawn pictures. I did not like this book due to the lack of development, more books, more history, I would probably like it better. 

So let me know what you think, have you read it? Did you like it? Did you love it let me know! 

Over and out. 

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