Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Kane Chronicles Serpents Shadow

Let me just say that I love Rick Riordan. I love Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase and Jason Grace and the whole group. The movies sucked. So I just finished The Serpents Shadow, which is the last book in the Kane Chronicles. I rebelled against reading these for awhile, because I have never been into the Egyptians as much as I was in to the the Greek gods, while I was growing up.
Thanks to Disney, my dad, and my 6th grade reading teacher, I loved Greek gods. I also began to be interested in Roman deities when I was in high school and started taking Latin. As it turns out though I like Carter and Sadie Kane quite a bit.

Let's face it, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover will never be Harry, Hermonie, and Ron. But the books are a lot of fun to read, even as someone in their mid twenties. These books are not really intended to be read by someone in their twenties, they are written for probably a 10-15 year old. I think, unless they were a fan from the beginning, or an uber nerd (like me) any older probably would see these books as chilidish. And in some ways they are, but it's hard not to keep reading to see what happens in the twisted love triangle between Sadie, Annibus, and Walt.
Basically the story opens with the same way that most of Riordan's final books open... It's the end of the world, our heroes have to save it, and they only have a short time to do it. Oh yes and they have to split up and go up against impossible odds to be able to win. And the question is do they? No spoilers.
To wrap up, I think that Riordan did a really good job tying up all the lose ends from the first two books. You MUST read the first two books (and I would recommended reading the entire Percy Jackson series FIRST) before you read this book. It will make very little sense out of context. But hey that will give you a good long list, I think there are 7 Percy Books, 5 Heroes of Olympus Books, and 3 of the Kane Chronicles, plus 2 novellas that happen after this... that gives what? 17 books? That would get you well on your way to reading 52 books this year!
I know this post isn't very long and I apologize for this... the problem is that I am pretty far removed from this story. Since I finished this I have also finished Blood of Olympus and Panic, so I have a lot more to write about which will probably mean that I will have a lot of blog post over the next little bit.
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