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ReRead // Shiver // Wolves of Mercy Falls: Book 1 Maggie Stiefvater

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In all seriousness how are you guys? How have you been? I have just been busy, busy, busy.  I've been doing some major marketing for and also for this blog! If you are into social media check me out over on and on As always you can find me @ and I am also updating the site and working on Goodreads too. So stay tuned for those. Did I mention I also have a full time job and a 3 year old? Yikes! It's all good though and I am glad that I have the time to read and write about it here to share with all of you.
A couple of weeks ago I was driving on my 45ish minute commute and I wanted something to listen to. As many of you probably know I am a huge fan of audiobooks for when I am driving and I love the Overdrive app for listening to audiobooks. I am on the waiting list for several new audiobooks so I decided I would reread something that I haven't read in awhile and came across Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.  One of the reasons that I love this book is because of how I got it, it's actually one of the reasons I started this blog.
A good friend of mine, Stacey, came across this book at Barnes and Noble and picked it up. She brought it to me and said (something to the effect of) "You will love this book."
She couldn't have been more right. I fell in love right then and there with the world that Maggie had created, and guess what? There are 2 more books, plus a book called Sinner that is more of an accompaniment than a sequel.
This was my first experience with Maggie (I hope she doesn't mind that I call her Maggie), and I was hooked. Those of you that have been around the blog for a while have seen my post on Lament and Raven Boys, so you are probably aware of my deep love respect of all of her works.
I read a lot of different books and it isn't always that you find a writer that creates such well developed, smart characters. That's one thing that I feel like is missing from a lot of the characters today, sure when you read Twilight Bella is supposed to be smart and Tris from Divergent is also supposed to be smart, but Stiefvater incorporates a higher level of intelligence that I just don't think you get in a lot of other YA series.
I love Grace and Sam and the element that Stiefvater adds in with the wolves. They do follow the conventions of many other YA books romances. And I just love the musical elements that she adds in to the book, and not just oh this character plays the guitar or the piano, but she adds in a deep knowledge base for her characters. That goes pack to what I was saying about the books being smart. The problem there becomes that you lose some of those readers who don't get it, those who the book or the series is a little over their heads. You really don't get that is a series like Divergent, where everything is pretty straight forward.
There are a lot of parallels that can be drawn between Sam and Grace in this series and love interest in other series, because their relationship is a very all consuming kind of young love and they do have these problems that kind of bind them together. It is a very intense, like I just met you and I am absolutely in love with you, and I feel like that is a little bit of a weakness. But I think the fact that these books are so well written and they story is so well developed that it can be overlooked and we really get to see Grace and Sam become a team in other books and I think that equal partnership is important for female leads.
I could really just go on and on about this book but I want you to read the book so I am going to give it a rating and let you decide for yourself.
I am going to give this 9 out of 10 Homemade Quiches.
Obviously, I love this book and I love Maggie, so go out support your local library or buy this book!
One other note is that they did choose to do 2 actors for the audiobook and I really liked that decision. The two actors do a very good job in their portrayals and I look forward to hearing them more.
There is also a wonderful interview with Maggie that I am not sure is in the written publication so be sure to check that out as well.
You can find Maggie Stiefvater on Twitter and on her website

I have been doing a log of reading lately so I have a lot of catching up to do! Should be a lot of updates coming your way.

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