Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Been a While...This is a long post where I go off on a tangent

Wow guys again, super sorry. As I am sure you can tell a lot of updates have been made to the site recently and I hope that you are all enjoying the new layout and design. A big shout out to CarrieLovesDesign over on Etsy for the site layout and design, and also to Emily at Banner Express for designing the new logo. I am ever so grateful to these two ladies for their help and willingness to work me through my ADD.
Ok, so let me go through a few things here, first of all, I may be deleting some of my old content. It's just not very good and I want to make some changes to it. Also, I am going to be changing up my format a little bit. Mainly I will be sticking to my own thoughts and feeling about books and I will make this less about reviewing and more about having conversations and answering questions. I have plans to do a podcast and to do a BookTube Page, but there are some things that have to happen in my life before I am ready for those.
Another change is that I am going to have to write about the books I just read. In the past I have been reading multiple books and then trying to go back and review and my ADD brain is not allowing me to do that. My original plan was to read 52 Books and write one blog post a week about the books. Well that isn't going to happen exactly like I want it to and there is a simple reason for that. Since I have started #Bookstagming , I have been reading more than one book a week. Here are the other reasons that I will give for why I haven't been updating as much as I would like.
1. I work in advertising sales which consumes my 6:00 AM - 5:30 PM life
2. I have started going seriously to the gym... as in 3+ times a week.
3. I have been walking on my lunch breaks, which gives me time for reading and audiobooks, but it's not really conducive for writing time.
4. I currently (and forevermore) am the video editor/ part time social media manager for Lane Bros Wood Shop (if you are into woodworking check out his website here).
5. I am the mother of a very strong willed 3 year old.
6. Toddler Swim Lessons
7. I am writing a book
8. Housework
9. I continuously update Open Books Blog's social media feeds
10. I spend too much time reading articles and looking at pictures on Facebook
11. Taking pictures for Instagram
12. Watching too much Gilmore Girls
13. Life
You can see that as this list get's longer, my reasons get flabbier. The point is I'm slackin y'all.
And the thing is that the more I get behind the more I procrastinate, so here is me clearing the slate and starting fresh (for the nine millionth time) and admitting my faults to the world.
Coming up next my review of my most recent read.
Happy Trails