Tuesday, July 14, 2015

OverDrive Media V 2.0

So the app is not really V 2.0... I honestly have 0 idea what version it is. I'm just calling it 2.0 because it's the second post that I have written about OverDrive. (You can find the first on here)
This is a really quick tutorial about how I use OverDrive for Audiobooks.
 This shot here is what I see when I open the app. All the Audiobooks and eBooks are displayed here.
You can see on the bottom that it shows the expiration date, which is nice. These books are just like Library books, you an only check them out for X amount of time... up to 21 days. I usually return mine before then, but I do give myself some time since I have a large TBR list. But I highly recommend being courteous. When you're done with the book, return it.

Once you click on the title you see this page. Title and author at the top. Toolbar menu, place in book, skimmer, back a chapter, back 15 seconds, forward 15 seconds, forward a chapter and volume. 
On the left at the top there is also a main menu and on the right is your chapters and bookmarks. 
Everything is pretty straight forward. Bookmark adds a book mark to the place that your at, the timer allows you to listen for X amount of time before turning the audio off (perfect for listening before bed), the speedometer allows you to speed up or slow down the speech, and then the share button gives you the option to share your selection to Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, etc., etc. 
Add bookmark.  
 Bookmark menu. You can even share the overview. 
Sleep Timer.  

 This is the main menu. The Tennessee R.E.A.D.S, takes me to the site to search and checkout books (see my other post).
Bookshelf takes me to the main page and everything else is straight forward.

If you are uploading a book, you can see how much is uploaded in the files section. I actually uses this a lot. Normally when I am downloading, I am running out the door at the same time, so I want to make sure I download while I am in a Wifi area, I don't want to run out of data at the end of the month. 

Then there is the History section, which comes in very handy for my ADD brain. It gives me the history of everything that I have read, and it goes back awhile. That way I can remind myself for wrap ups and Goodreads to add those to the list. 

The last two things I want to show are sorting and what you see on the lock screen. 

This is the sort option. You can sort by recent, title, or expiration. I typically use Recent, because it shows my most recent listen but i think Expiration could come in handy as well. 

Lastly, there is the lock mode, which looks pretty awesome to me. Very nicely integrated with iPhone. 

So that is it! What do you guys think? Will you be using the OverDrive Media App?
Also, if I haven't responded to your comments I'm sorry. I am having an issue with that and I need to address it with my developer. 
Thank you for your honesty. 
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