Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Top Ten Thursday // Favorite Authors

Hey Guys! 
First of all, I must apologize for the lack of post the last couple of days.... I started a blog planner it and had about the next two weeks all planned out, then well, life happened. I quit my job. So I took a few days to catch up on some things around the house and then I spent a day just doing stuff with my daughter, went out of town with my family, and then I started a new job. 
My daughter and I went to this trampoline place, it was amazing, I can't wait to go back, she's three so she had a blast. 
Let's stop dilly dallying around though and get to what you all came here for... 
This Tuesday I decided to do Top Ten Favorite Authors. These are not necessarily in any order, so here we go:
1. Mercedes Lackey // Let me tell you the history of ole Misty and me, because we go way back. We were living in this no where podunk town and had just moved. So my parents came up with this idea of Father / Daughter and Mother /Son Date Nights. My dad took me to this crazy Chinese buffet, where they had super fancy food and crab legs and everything. I was in about the 5th grade and I read a little, but not a ton, so after we ate my dad took me to Barnes and Noble.
 I was over prusing the Fantasy isle (because I thought that was what I liked) and this old dude is like 'So... you like Fantasy?' and I was a little weirded out so I guess I just shook my head. And he said 'Here,' and pulled By the Sword off the shelf, 'start with this.' And then he just walked off. It had a picture of a kind of cool chick and a dude with a white horse and I was like ok sure. So dad got it and I went home and tried to read it. Keyword : Tried. I didn't get very far. I thought it was boring, some chick doing chores and being a good little girl? WTF was this? So I dived into the other book I bought, lost in a magical world of a girl caught in a snow globe with knights and evil wizards (if you know what I am talking about please email me! This book got thrown out and I want to read it again!) and I forgot all about Kerowyn.
Many years later a person handed me Outstretched Shadow by some chick called Mercedes Lackey. Mercedes who? I thought. Anyways there was a picture of a knight, a unicorn, and an elf, so I thought ehh why not. I was in love. I promptly went out and bought the next three books and then I got book hangover. So I'm staring at my tee tiny little bookshelf to figure out if there is anything on there worth reading again and the name 'Mercedes Lackey' pops out at me... here was a book by this author that I now was in love with and it had been sitting on my shelf for 7 years (I don't know if it really was 7 but 7 is a good number so lets go with that). So, I pick up the book and devour it, promptly going to my local book store and have the owner start ordering me everything she could find. The person who let me borrow the book thought that Lackey couldn't write well by herself... again, WTF? What is wrong with people. Anyways, that is what started the obsession.
For Christmas that year, all I got were Mercedes Lackey books, I didn't mind one bit. That is how I ended up with this:

And this.
 And this:
 : And these and....


2. Maggie Stiefvater // I have sung Maggie's praises again and again, so I don't have to tell you why I am in love with her. Her writing is so perfect and thoughtful.
If you haven't read my previous post on Maggie, here is how this started. My dear friend and I were recommending books back and forth to each other. She just happened to be in Barnes and Noble, picked up Shiver (we had just finished Twilight), and read it, passing it on to me. I loved it and promptly read everything else she wrote.

3. Suzanne Collins // I put it off. Just about forever, reading The Hunger Games. You guys WTF is wrong with me? Seriously. She's brilliant. If you haven't read Gregor the Overlander series (I know it's for kids, but seriously people read it). Stop what you are doing and do it now. These are real issues people.
And for real...

4. Garth Nix // A person that I went to college with actually recommended Sabriel to me. I liked it, so... I promptly read everything Garth has ever written. Are you catching the theme here? His Keys to the Kingdom series is also phenomenal. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!

5. Christopher Paolini // Eragon. Dragons. Check. Elves. Check. Magic. Check. You had me at 'Wind howled through the night, carrying the scent that would change the world.' - Eragon

6. J.K. Rowling // The Boy Who...whose books were banned in my house. Yup banned. I was not allowed to read Harry Potter. You must think I am joking, but I'm not. I hid copies of Harry Potter all over my house and had to wait foooorrreeever to read them because I had to get them from the school library. The waiting list was about a million miles long. My parents finally gave in and by the time The Order of the Phoenix was released I was preordering and reading all summer long. I remember crying for 2 days when Sirius... well you know.

7. Stephenie Meyer // Look I know the writing is not Shakespeare ok, but still the woman introduced an entire new audience to reading. She even helped me come out of a reading slump. I attribute a lot of new popularity to reading to Stephanie and other similar authors (who will not be named because I am not promoting that mess here). Haters gonna hate, but I did enjoy here books and I do think she had some thought provoking ideas in her works.

8. Marissa Meyer // So, Marissa is a lot newer to the scene than most of the other writers, but man she has taken off! Her works are thoughtful and insightful and a thrill to read. I am super excited to be joining her fan club and reading all of her works.

9. Colleen Houck // I got Houck's Tiger's Curse because I was on a reading slump and it was on sale through Kindle for $1.99. I really wasn't to sure at first but I am so glad I did. It was such an interesting series and a look into a mythology that I hadn't explored before.

10. Robin Hobb // Where do I even start? I guess I started reading her books last year and I know it was on my Kindle Reading app but I'm not sure if I bought them or used Overdrive, but either way, I was thrilled to have picked them out. I have read a lot of what she has written, there are about 2 side stories that I haven't gotten in to, that's not to say I won't, but I might, just not really up my alley.

So that is it folks! What do you think? Who are some of your favorites who didn't make the list?

OH! After tomorrow I won't being doing What's New Wednesday until August, I am doing another series called 'What I'm Reading Wednesday' on the 29th, just to switch things up a bit.

May the Force be with You.