Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday // Book to Film Adaptations

Let's just jump right in shall we....
For this weeks Top Ten Tuesday I am talking about my favorite Book to Film Adaptations
Now, let me preface with two things.
First, there are a lot of really good Film Adaptations that I have seen but I haven't read the book. A lot are on my TBR list which... just gets larger everyday. I am strictly speaking to books that I have read that have been turned into films.
Secondly, I have a theory about the likability of a book made into a movie: If you go in expecting it to suck, you'll come out liking it. If you go in expecting it to be exactly like the movie, you will be disappointed. I usually always go in expecting them to not be as good, and therefore I am usually pleasantly surprised.
With out further Ado... And in no particular order
1. The Fault in Our Stars // John Green - I enjoyed this adaptation just as much as I enjoyed the book. I laughed, I cried, I loved the portrayal of the text messaging scenes. So many amazing scenes in this book and so many amazing scenes that work well when transferring  over to film

  • Speaking of transferring, I think that what works well in a movie is when you can figure out how to take what is on the page and put it on the screen. Example, I was reading a book where there were a lot of identical looking characters, that (to me) would be hard to transfer over to film.

2. Divergent // Veronica Roth - Timing was not in the cards for me to see Insurgent yet, but I did enjoy Divergent, I thought they kept the feeling of the book very much the same and I didn't hate it or become overly upset at any of the changes.

3. The Giver // Lois Lowry - Let me say this, I had a hard time with The Giver reading it as an adult. I wasn't particularly thrilled with the way the book ended and the one POV that was used to tell the story. It was such a depressing note, and as a mother it's hard for me to read anything like that about a baby. That being said, I loved the film. It was brilliant and the use of adding color in just really added the sense of being in the story. The ending was also much better to me, even though it was the same ending.

4. The Hunger Games // Suzanne Collins- When I talk about adaptations in series, I think some are better than others, not true with The Hunger Games thus far, I think every book has been captured well on the screen. I cannot wait for November!

5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix // J.K. Rowling - This is one of those series where some are better than others. Obviously in the first two movies, first three really, there were some budget concerns and there were quite a few special effects to worry with. The Order of the Phoenix is my favorite book and works out to be  one of my favorite adaptations of the series.

6. Pride and Prejudice // Jane Austen - I'm talking about the 2005 version with Keria Knightley. I love this movie, I think they presented the intricacies of Mr. Darcy's and Elizabeth's relationships quite well. I love the letter scene and the dancing- you could feel the tension rolling off. The movie is perfect and visual stunning and follows well with the book.

7. Lord of the Rings Return of the King // J. R. R. Tolkien - I very much enjoyed what Peter Jackson was able to do with this story and how he brought the characters and the scenes off the page and onto the screen in a way that many have tried and failed.
Bonus // The Hobbit - So I didn't want to include The Hobbit when I was talking about LOTR because they are the same franchise, but I the movie adaptation of The Hobbit, particularly Battle of Five Armies, was brilliant, and The Hobbit is my favorite book of the LOTR franchise. 

8. Into the Wild // Jon Krakauer - This is not my typical read but my husband (then boyfriend) got me into the movie and so I decided to read the book too. The movie is a brilliant adaptation and is so moving. It tells the heartbreaking story of Chris McCandless, a very smart, privileged young man headed for law school. But Chris has a different dream for himself than what his family does and after donating the majority of his money to charity, he takes off to live in the wild, eventually making it to Alaska.  If you haven't seen it, stop what you are doing and go watch it now. .

9. Ender's Game // Orson Scott Card - This movie got me into Orson Scott Card and I think that when a movie can inspire you, it automatically puts that movie into a list like this. I started reading Ender's Game because of the upcoming movie and I fell in love with Card's writing and his work. The one thing that I have against this film is that I constantly felt that I was glad I had read the book. I would have had no idea what was going on otherwise. But that is one shortcoming in the book.

Bonus // How to read this series (and many others) so this is a whole other blog post but I think there is always a question of how to read a series when you have a. unconnected stories or b. original works that prequels were written later. In the case of Ender's Game, Card has written several prequels and I think I would have enjoyed the books just as much if I had started with The Formic Wars series and worked my way through time to Ender.

10. The Last Song // Nicholas Sparks - Are there Nicholas Sparks books that haven't been made into a movie? Just Kidding, I know that there are but there are a lot of them. This is one of my favorite of Sparks books and of the movies. I really enjoyed the story and the truth of it all. How depressing though... am I right? I think he just likes to kill people.

Bonus // 10 Things I Hate About You - Now this isn't strictly a Book to Film adaptation but I think it gets an honorable mention for being an adaptation of Taming of the Shrew. Anything that gets high schooler's into  Shakespeare deserves a spot on this list. Plus, this movie was amazing and dealt with some pretty important issues.

Bonus Round // 3 of the WORST Book to Film Adaptations EVER

1. Twilight Saga // Stephenie Meyer - I know that these films were a huge success, but seriously, could they have had a more B-Rated movie. If they left more plot points out they could have just called it Vampires the Glitter and been done with it.

2. Eragon // Christopher Paolini - Disaster doesn't even begin to describe this terrible movie that Fox destroyed. If I had been in the editing room I think I would have said... 'Welp, we should all wipe our arses with a million dollars and burn the film.'

3. Percy Jackson // Riordan - While not as bad as the previous two, it wasn't good. And part of the problem seems to be that there is so much potential there. Maybe if they keep making them they will get better in a Harry Potterish fashion.

So that is it for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday.
What do you think? What are some of the best and work Book to Film adaptations that you have seen?