Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What's New Wednesday

Ok so I know this is my second post today but there have been some revelations that have to be shared on...

 Seriously. I couldn't not talk about these. So here we go...
1. Glass Sword // Victoria Aveyard // This is the sequel to Red Queen that we have been waiting for! I am so excited to take a peak at this gorgeous cover.

Release Date // February 9, 2016
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2. Spinning Starlight // R.C. Lewis // From what I understand this is not a sequel to Stitching Snow, this book is merely in the same universe, a companion book, I guess you might say. The description seems very much like 'Little Mermaid' because the protagonist looses her voice and has to save her eight brothers... I'm hooked.

Release Date // October 6, 2015
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3. Eternity's Wheel // Neil Gaiman & Michael Reaves // I am super thrilled about the conclusion to InterWorld that I had no idea existed! This is actually the 3rd book  in the series that just released in May.

Release Date // May 2015 (Out Now)
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What do you think? Any of these seem exciting to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

See ya Space Cowboy, Sometime, Somewhere