Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday // Books I Want to See on the Big Screen

Welcome fellow readers! I am punching them out this week.
So I decided last week after I did the Top Ten Books to Film post that for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday I wanted to talk about the Top Ten Books that I would like to see made into a movie... so with out further ado and in no particular order...
1.The Obsidian Trilogy // Mercedes Lackey - At some point in the near in future I will lament on this trilogy. I love this trilogy, I could read it over a million times and find some new idea that I didn't notice before. That being said, here is why I think the Obsidian Trilogy is ready for the Big Screen.

  • Fantasy is in need of something good and something fresh- there are nine million super hero action movies, let's give them demons and elves and dragons- and not Lord of the Rings again. 
  • It could be visually stunning- There is a city of bells by the ocean, the cities where the elves live, a good part takes place in the winter, rivers, mountains, you name it. 
  • There is so much tension with unrequited love and questions and unicorns that you have to be chaste to be around, it makes for a wonderful romance. 
  • Plot line- read the books and you will understand. 

2. Gregor The Overlander // Suzanne Collins- Suzanne Collins is a brilliant writer and there are several books in this series, an underground world where there are giant talking rats and bats, I'd see that.

3. Keys to the Kingdom Series // Garth Nix - 7 days of the week, 7 rulers over each time that the hero has to defeat. It would be wonderful, and the theme of the book would be refreshing.

4. The Selection // Kiera Cass- It's Hunger Games meets The Bachelor and it would be amazing, the girls the dresses, the bombings, raiding the castle, everything. This series is begging to be made into a film.

5. The Wolves of Mercy Falls // Maggie Stiefvater - One problem I can think of when it comes to these books is the wolves. The good thing about these wolves are not traditional werewolves, they are portrayed as traditional howling at the moon doggish wolves. This is another series that I believe could be very visually stunning. The good thing is that one of Stiefvater's books, Scorpio Races, is already being made into a movie, sometime... no word on when yet really it's labeled as 'in production' If that film goes well, I have high hopes for her other books including The Raven Cycle.

6. Lunar Chronicles // Marissa Meyer- I have a feeling that this, more than any other series that I have mentioned could be made into a film. There is action and a different point of view for each film. I also think that this series could appeal to a wide variety of people, since there is the classic fairytale mixed with love story mixed with action

7. Eleanor and Park // Rainbow Rowell - The 80's music! The comics, the story! I really enjoyed this book and I think that it would make a wonderful film, it's not like production cost would be that high either 90% of the book is spent with them in a car or on a bus.

8. Sabriel // Garth Nix- This was a book that was recommended to me by a friend in college and I would love to see it turned into a movie. It's got just enough twist on the traditional magic stories to make it fresh. I also think they cold steal a page from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings to get ideas on how to portray the villians in this series.

9. A Thousand Pieces of You // Claudia Gray - Here we have a twist on the oft told time travel tale. Here we have a story about a multidimensional universe that is fairly unique. And here folks, I believe we have a hit. I think that people would flock to see this movie and pick up copy after copy of this book. Focus Films, I've got your next Box Office Hit right here.

10. Throne of Glass // Sarah J. Maas - The castle alone would make this film worth seeing, but the plot is so thick and full of mysteries and romances that I don't see how Hollywood would be able to resist. Just based on the popularity of this book, I think that this is another one that stands a very good chance of getting made.

What do you think? What movies would you like to se made into a film?