Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What I Am Reading Wednesday // Hunter :: Mercedes Lackey // The Last Apprentice :: Joseph Delaney

Welcome to another addition of What I am Reading Wednesday!

So this week I am actually reading 2 books. Hunter by Mercedes Lackey is the first and then I am listening to The Last Apprentice : Revenge of the Witch.

Hunter // Mercedes Lackey
So far I am really enjoy this book. I am not very far into it as I just finished reading Spinning Starlight by R.C. Lewis. But so far from what I can tell it is going to be amazing. To summarize this book is basically Mercedes Lackey meets The Hunger Games.

I am a Hunter, that's my job. There is no more important job in the world. Hunters stand between the monsters of the Breakthrough and ordinary people.  - Mercedes Lackey, Hunter
The Last Apprentice : Revenge of the Witch Book 1  Joseph Delaney  // Audiobook
I am super enjoying this so far. I am about half way though and am positive that I am the last person on earth to read this series. Especially since I love fantasy books. This book has all the classic fantasylore that I am used to, blood magic and boggarts. The writing is good, makes me want excited to read Garth Nix and Sarah J Maas (both of whom have I have sitting in my TBR pile). The narrator is also really good, which makes it even better. I hope the same guy narrates throughout.

 “And an unaware witch means a witch who doesn't know she's a witch, and because she's a women that makes her double trouble. Never trust a women." My mothers a women," I said, suddenly feeling a little angry, "and I trust her."Mothers are usually women," said the Spook. "And mothers are usually quite trustworthy, as long as your their son. Otherwise look out!” ― Joseph DelaneyRevenge of the Witch
“How can you be lonely? You've got yourself, haven't you? If you ever lose yourself, then you'll really be lonely...” ― Joseph DelaneyRevenge of the Witch 
“You never know just what you can do until you try.” ― Joseph DelaneyRevenge of the Witch 

So that's an update about what's happening with me. Also, sorry I didn't get out a Top Ten yesterday. My plan is that this is my last post for the week and I am going to get caught up and ahead on writing over the next week. Hopefully that will all work out since I currently cannot have internet access, my mac devices won't work with my home network. I have an appointment with a genius Tomorrow night, and they will (hopefully) have that taken care of.

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.