Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What I Am Reading Wednesday // Shatter Me

So I have been pretty overwhelmed lately by everything that I have had to do. There is so much work that goes into the blog and everything that you guys know already know about from my previous post, so I won't go into all the dirty details, but I think once the dust settles things will get a little more regular! I have a HUGE TBR pile. I am hoping to get some pictures of it pretty soon to put up, so hopefully there will be that.

In the meantime here is what I am reading:

Shatter Me // Tahereh Mafi // Audiobook

So far I am enjoying it. Though man Chapter 4 was pretty tough to listen to, but I am really enjoying the storyline. The parallels to what the Nazi's wanted to create are very interesting. 
I have very little back knowledge about this book so I am going in blind.
I actually chose to start reading this book because there was a lot of hype surrounding it. It also became available on Overdrive Media so that was very convenient.

I am still reading Hunter too. It's just kind of been a tough couple of weeks to be going through books. I shall read more this week and have more to talk about
See ya space cowboy, sometime, somewhere.