Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What I am reading Wednesday

As I announced in  July, I am starting a new segment for Wednesday's called What I am reading Wednesday. Here's how this will go down:
  1. I will talk about what I am reading
  2. Give a quote(s)
  3. Pictures
  4. What I think so far
Let's jump right in.
So this week I am reading Eden West by Pete Hautman. It is basically about this boy, Jacob, who lives in the Land of Nodd. Let me stop right there... I think I remember a kids tv show from the 90's called the Land of Nodd? I think there's also maybe a children's store? Interesting. So this place is essentially a cult where they live to await the coming of Jesus Christ.
So far Jacob is starting to rebel in subtle ways, lusting after women, talking to worldly people, breaking the rules to sneak and speak to some one who is being punished. I am enjoying the book so far, I like Jacob and I am interested to see the relationship develop between him and Lynna.
Page 1 // I know the World is a terrible place filled with wild animals and evil men and wicked women. 
Page 5 // I close my eyes and whisper all one hundred eight lines of the Arbor Prayer. When I get to the last line- and the Fruit, and the Lord, and the Ark will come- I open my eyes to find that I have been joined at the wall by several other Grace whispering their own morning devotions.
Page 23 // My back burns with the fire of penitence. Can I yet redeem myself by confessing? Or have my sins hurled me beyond the boundaries of redemption?

Here is my Frappy Bookmark from CraftedVan that I am using.

Here is the front of the book. Quite lovely.

 Here is a shot of Chapter 15.

I have had several people ask me what I think about this book. So far I am enjoying it. It is somewhat strange but very interesting. I didn't really know much about the story before I started reading it so I am not sure where the story is going. I am intrigued. 

Have you read this book? What did you think? Any big surprises in store for me?